IU Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lee Ji-Eun, additionally recognized by her pseudonym IU, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer, and starlet. I have heard lots of rumors about IU having plastic surgery, and it stunned me.

Actually, Korean vocalist is very natural-looking. Therefore, I would like to get to the bottom of it. Today.

IU Boob Job

IU Plastic Surgery

I think IU’s boobs are natural.

There was absolutely nothing to suggest that she had boob enhancement. Her boob size remains in ideal harmony with the rest of her body. I believe they are honest, and she will maintain it that way.

IU Nose Job

IU Plastic Surgery

I’m going to say “no” here. IU’s nose shape is relatively flat whenever you check it out from the front viewpoint. Her nose tip and both sides of the wings seem similar, too.
These elements have not changed. Therefore, I believe she had yet to get a nose job.

IU Eyelid Surgery

IU Plastic Surgery

IU was born with double eyelids. In saying that, her eyes look bigger nowadays, but she may use large eyeball contact lenses to obtain this result.


IU Butt Lift

IU Plastic Surgery

There is nothing fake about IU’s body. Her butt, regardless if it’s the form or size, seems natural to me. A butt lift is much less typical in Korea, so I don’t think she had just one.

IU Jawline Surgery

IU Jawline Surgery


We may be onto something here. IU made use of to have a more prominent jawline, but for a few factors, it is now looking slimmer. If this wasn’t a component of her typical transformation, then she may have obtained a mouth decrease surgery to obtain this.

Botox is an opportunity as it can also give IU a smaller face shape and a pointier jaw.

IU Transformation (Then and Now)

Let’s see precisely how IU’s look has evolved.

As a Kid

Lee Ji-Eun

As a youngster, IU had big, rounded eyes and appeared adorable. Although minimal, she also had eyelids.

Teen time

Lee Ji-Eun

IU wasn’t precisely a stand apart in her early teens.

IU’s Pre-Debut

Lee Ji-Eun

Before she debuted, IU had a prominent space among her front teeth that might have been fixed with braces.

The year 2008

Lee Ji-Eun

At 15 years of age, Lee Ji-eun participated in LOEN Enjoyment and quickly launched her initial song, “Lost Child.”. She still had infant fat as a teen with much rounder face jowls.

The year 2011

Lee Ji-Eun

Eighteen years of age, IU reached the ceremony, looking like a queen in the dark.

The year 2014

Lee Ji-Eun

Deliberate or not, IU attempted to appear more mature with rose lipstick and fashionable jewelry. She wanted to reveal to the world she was no longer just the little sibling of South Korea.

The year 2018

Lee Ji-Eun

IU’s appearance all of a sudden seems thinner. This Angular jawline wasn’t there before. Did she lose weight, or is this something else?

The year 2022

Lee Ji-Eun

I can not think this female is practically 30. Her skin layer is so white colored, smooth and younger.

Final Thoughts about IU Plastic Surgery

This Korean vocalist is appearing better. While whatever is on her face and body seems organic, plastic surgery on her jawline may discuss her improved appearance. IU has not confessed, and this is only speculation.

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