Xiaxue Plastic Surgery Before and After

Xiaxue is a Singaporean blogger and online television personality. Xiaxue was sometimes pretty, although. Anytime before she turned 23, you probably state that she was typical, considering ideal.

But this didn’t prevent her from pursuing the life she usually desired: a life full of joy, sincerity, charm, make-up, love, blogging … and occasional promising. The wonders happened whenever she chose to choose plastic procedures.
Yes, she’s had numerous of those, and this is her plastic surgery story …

Xiaxue Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Based on her blog, she’s had various plastic surgeries done, but whatever you do … please don’t ask her why she’s done this. Depending on her, that’s like inquiring another woman why they type their hair, wear cosmetics, and use skincare. You understand …

Xiaxue Nose Job

Xiaxue Plastic Surgery

Indeed, you check out that correctly. She went through the method two times because, unfortunately, her first nose job failed. As you can see from above, her rhino surgeon didn’t do a good task and actually made her nose bridge look uneven in the direction of one side. That’s why she chose a 2nd operation.

Aside from fixing her nasal bridge, she also improved her nose tip. This time, all were successful. The photo on the right was taken just before she chose plastic surgery; you can see a substantial difference. Xiaxue even made a video explaining to her fans the experience of a nose job.

Her nose was simply one of the several methods she’s done. Now … let’s move on to her next surgery.
She’s Worked On Her Eyes … 3 Times! Yup, you read that right once again! Since she had little and narrowed eyes, she chose a lateral canthoplasty, which is an operation that cuts open the outer corner of your eyes to enhance the entire rim dimension.
She likewise had two eyelid surgeries (blepharoplasty) since she wished to make her double eyelids seem more visible.

Xiaxue Eye Surgery

Xiaxue Plastic Surgery

Xiaxue’s eye surgery before and after You may see the difference in her eyes, though there’s still a bit of red soreness in the after photo. Overall, you’ll need to call it excellence.

Xiaxue Botox

Xiaxue Plastic Surgery

Right here’s a before and after picture she took while going to a cosmetic surgeon for a face botox injection. This operation minimizes her jowl muscles, thus providing her with a more angular face.

Xiaxue Lip Filler

This is the result after Xiaxue received a lip shot at the exact centre by Dr Georgia Lee from TLC Lifestyle Practice. You can watch the whole video clip listed below:

Xiaxue Teeth

Xiaxue wasn’t born with the best beautiful teeth, but she certainly knew how to repair them. As part of her “upgrading” efforts, she most likely went to a dentist and obtained noticeable aligners (Invisalign). It’s detachable clear dental braces she used for ten months directly. And the outcome speaks for itself. Mini-bio

Here’s a picture of Xiexue when she was two years of age. You may view in which she was currently healthy, joyous, and even though she does appear a little bit naughty (compliment), she is energetic!

Xiaxue Early Days


There is no chance you can inform me that this was Xiaxue! An old picture showing the skin of Xiexue at the age of 13 back in 1997. As you may see, she had a very typical Asian face with small eyes, a large nose, a prominent chin, a broad jawline … and a rather dull hairstyle.

Xiaxue, at 14 years old

Her face appears to be slimmer. She has lost weight within this photo, and as a result, her mouth has reduced. This was great information for Xiaxue since she didn’t require any face or jaw reduction surgery.

Xiaxue Early Adulthood


Xiaxue’s face at 18 years of age. Wendy (her English name) has acquired some mass below, and her face appears much more plump. The truth that she had a flat nose certainly kept it appearing bigger than it was.

Xiaxue is twenty years old


Here she is, becoming a beautiful woman at age 20. One yr right after Xiexue began her incredible blog, she’s modified and developed into a really fine woman. Although she wasn’t entirely pleased with herself, she closed cosmetic surgery.

Conclusion about Xiaxue Plastic Surgery

Something we’ve understood because covering Xiaxue’s plastic surgery journey is that she’s a tough lady who’s not scared to get what she desires. She understood she wasn’t the most beautiful, so she wanted the change. But after seeing all the procedures she’s gone through, it’s essential to view whether her cash was well spent.

Let us take a look … Xiaxue Plastic Surgery Before and After Yup, that’s definitely worth it. Now, one thing that was “Very Important” throughout her change process is that she’s undoubtedly never previously attempted to replicate the looks of anyone, which includes her preferred celebrities, vocalists, and additional celebrities.

Xiaxue never wanted any part of her body to appear like a star. Instead, she’s just wanted to improve her “own” functions in a refined way … and this is frequently how you obtain the very best results. She didn’t want Megan Fox’s nostrils, nor did she desire Lindsay Lohan’s.

Xiaxue understood how to utilize her own unique functions to bring the best out of her through the energy of plastic surgery. Without a doubt, this girl has endured a small number of criticisms, whether about her blog or because she was so open to showing everyone her plastic enhancements. Individuals began calling her names like a fake, plastic person, floozy, self-absorbed, superficial and so on …

But she took and even inspired us with the following statement: Being called cosmetic and phoney is better than being called a PHONY. So that’s my personal choice. Good on you, Xiaxue, for being so upfront and truthful you are such a gorgeous and courageous woman! Here’s the remainder of her video in which she also offered tips such as ‘how to pick your nose after a nose surgery’. You’ve got to love her individual and funny bone!

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