Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After

Wendy Williams is a gorgeous African United States female who’s not afraid to talk her mind. She doesn’t also hide the details that she’s had numerous plastic surgery procedures in front of her audiences. Since her radio career took off, she’s been very open about her private life on air. One thing that captured her listener’s attention was when she confessed to having breast implants on her widespread radio show.

As long as it was evident, she had large boobs, but to accept that they were fake definitely took another level of courage. Additionally, she confessed to having undergone lipo surgical procedures because she wanted to fit into smaller garments. It was a quick method for her to reduce weight to ensure that she could have a body that suited her personality.

Those operations happened 15 years ago before having her own TV talk program, The Wendy Williams Show. While she stated, she’s not had any plastic surgeries, especially for the show, no rhinoplasty, cheek implants, face fillers, or lip shots. Nevertheless, we appear to have discovered information to suggest otherwise.

So what beauty improvements have Wendy Williams undertaken?

Let’s find out!

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Photographic

To identify the plastic operations that Wendy may have undergone, we examined a lot of her photos before and after she became well-known. Here’s what we have found so far.

Wendy Williams Boob Job

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Undoubtedly, Wendy’s boobs have been a significant talking point for a lot of years. The truth is, she’s never attempted concealing her boob job from everyone (not that she could anyway, provide her huge bust size). Therefore yes, they are not real. She’s had breast augmentation surgical treatment in the past and placed a big boob job instead into her chest.

However, what attracts us the most is how she’s managed to assist everything weight for a lot of years without having one complaint about pain in the back. If you check out the swimsuit photo from 2017 below, you’ll see how her fake boobs seem rather massive for her currently slender body. So it’ll be interesting to see if she’ll have a boob reduction shortly.

Wendy Williams Nose Job

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

If you look at Wendy’s nose on the BEFORE photo, you may clearly view her nose tip and nasal bridge utilized to be more comprehensive than the AFTER photo. Even though both sides of her ala look in identical shape, the bridge bone tissue was certainly slimmer.

While the decreasing appearance might have been added by makeup (and it is possible), we lean towards the other method. So yes, our company believes it’s most likely that Wendy has had a nose job to change her nose shape.

Wendy Williams Facelift

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Even though Wendy has never openly talked about anti-aging procedures on her appearance, but we seem to have found proof proposing in which the talk program queen might have used a bit greater than facial lotion to keep her creases at bay. If you check out the before and after pics above, you may clearly view the fine lines and creases around her eyes and the noticeable crow’s feet about her cheeks and mouth.

Those places seem to have been tightened and raveled by a possible facelift. And it’s not uncommon for women to increase down with botox shots following their facelift operations.

Wendy Williams Liposuction

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Wendy’s body isn’t precisely what you’ll look at naturally “slim,” and she’ll be the 1st to confess that she’s had lipo in the last. Nevertheless, she appeared to have gotten the weight back in the direction of the year 2012, as you can view from the left side pic above. Since then, she stated it was her diet plan and exercise that’s helped her keep the bodyweight off.

Although we believe that diet programs performed an essential role in her weight reduction, we somehow assume she’s had an additional lipo to help her out. Furthermore, if you look at her current slender waist and tummy area, it’s quite possible in which she’s had a tummy tuck as well.

Wendy’s Beauty Changes

Currently, let’s take a look at Wendy’s face and body transformation through the years from her youth days before now. We’ll look closely at her face features such as her eyes, forehead, cheekbones, chops and see whether she’s had every other plastic surgery that we may have skipped.

Early Days

Wendy Williams child

Here’s a rare picture of Wendy Williams whenever she was youthful. You can immediately inform she’s the plump kind who can quickly get fat because of youth. Despite the baby fat around her face and jawline, you can view the type of physique she’ll have just from looking at her broad shoulders and arms.

The year 1989

Wendy Williams child

After finishing at the Northeastern University in Boston with a B.A. level in communications, Wendy functioned as a substitute DJ for WEPN-FM before being hired full-time for the morning hours radio show. You can observe that she has very beautiful double eyelids and typically plumped cheeks; therefore, we dispute she’s ever had any cheek implants.

The year 1995

Wendy Williams

This was roughly the yr Wendy Williams decided to go to a plastic surgeon to get her boob enhancement implants and finally do one thing about her weight. Regardless if these enhancement operations were the ideal call, we’d allow you to decide.

Something most people don’t recognize is that Wendy also has a perfect collection of teeth. At least we understand she didn’t need any cosmetic improvement from a dentist. No braces and not also pearly whites bleaching as for we can tell.

The year 2002

Wendy Williams

After obtaining married to Kevin Hunter in 1997 and giving birth to their child in 2000, Wendy is looking incredible as she goes to the Billboard R&B Hip Hop Honors ceremony in Miami Coastline, Florida. We like her boob job and think her breast size notices her bone structure very correctly.

The year 2005

Wendy Williams

Here she arrives at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors at the Hammerstein Ball Room in New York. You’ve come to like those golden-haired swirls on her hair, and in case you’re wondering, yes … it is a hairpiece! Now in case you haven’t noticed, her nose seems pointier here in this photo. So if Wendy really had gotten a rhinoplasty, it would have been before this year.

The year 2008

Wendy Williams

This was the year Wendy finally got her own talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, which has been successful. Not only does she knows how to dress, but her hairstyle is also a joy to watch on TV. Those purple eye shadows and lipstick really matches her skin color, by the way. Love it!

The year 2011

Wendy Williams

The TV host attends the 2011 Paper Magazine Nightlife awards at The Maritime Hotel in Nyc City. Considering that Wendy is quite tall for women, we honestly don’t think her boob dimension is exaggerated. Truthfully, if you compare her with Blac Chyna’s body proportion, Wendy’s high built is more than enough to deal with those cup dimensions.

The year 2014

Wendy Williams

At 50 years old, Wendy seems nothing except amazing! There are barely any creases on her appearance, and her skin looks as glowing as ever before. If she hasn’t had a renovation or other cosmetic surgery on her appearance, then you’d need to wonder what skincare she applies to accomplish such skin tone and smoothness.

We know for certain that she’s never had lip for fillers injections because her mouth form has remained consistent through the yrs.

The year 2016

Wendy Williams

Here Wendy reaches the Thurgood Marshall University Fund for the 28th Annual Awards Gala at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC. Although she’s an African-American female, her skin color isn’t as dark as many black people in The United States. That’s why a few people think she’s had a skin whitening operation to reduce her skin tone.

The year 2017

Wendy Williams

The 53-year-old Williams is delighting in the sunlight at the beach in Barbados with her husband. Wearing a tiny black bikini and cool pink sunglasses, Wendy is clearly having fun showing off her slim body, large breasts, and the abdominoplasty symbol on her stomach, just beneath her belly button.

Yes, these types of symbols are rather typical for clients who’s undertaken a tummy tuck operation and are mainly used to conceal the visible mark from the surgical procedure.

The year 2018

Wendy Williams

Right here, the television show host goes to the American Heart Organization’s Go Red For Women– Red Gown Collection 2018 by Macy’s in New York. If you check out the rigidity of the skin around her forehead area and among her brows, it shows that she may have obtained a browlift and perhaps a neck lift also.

Conclusion about Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Besides her confessed cosmetic surgery, Wendy shows up to have performed a small more task than what she wants to let out. So far, the public knows she’s obtained boob augmentation and liposuction, which added to her weight loss in the past.

Nevertheless, after examining a lot of her pictures before and after she became a famous celeb, we discovered that she might have additionally gotten a nose job, abdominoplasty, facelift, and possibly botox injections as well. Now, why haven’t they publicly declared these procedures? We’re not too confident.

It is her appearance, body, and boobs; therefore, she’s totally free to perform no matter what she wants with all of them. Provided that she enjoys it, we’re also pleased for her. Actually, if this gossips proved correct, then we assume her plastic surgeon, whoever may be, has performed a remarkable job.

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