Saweetie Plastic Surgery Before and After

Saweetie is a United States rapper. Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper was born on July 2, 1993, in Santa Clara, California, to Trinidad Valentin, Filipina Chinese, and Johnny Harper, who is African American. Saweetie has been often speculated about plastic surgery. Being one of the buzzing female rap artists in the music business, Saweetie delights in many networks’ spotlights today.

The performer, whose actual name is Diamonté Harper, has been examined about plastic improvements many times, and the subject is trending amongst a few of her fans again. She did not admit it nor have denied it.

This was the answer from Saweetie when she was asked the “difficult question” throughout an interview. Not daunted by the plastic surgery speculations, the rapper has been deflecting these types of concerns in variety.

So, I’m simply going to do the comparison myself.

Saweetie Boob Job

Saweetie Plastic Surgery


It wasn’t simply doing this. There weren’t many pictures of Saweetie before she got popularity and this is the ideal one I could find. Based on this contrasting photo, her boobs do look more significant. The truth, which the singer has not outright rejected having breast implants, proposes that she may be hinting at something here.

Currently, remember, Saweetie is not lying, and it is her privacy whether she wants to tell the globe or not. But I’m leaning towards a yes here.

Saweetie Butt Lift

Saweetie Plastic Surgery

If I didn’t notice this graduation picture, I thought she did. This woman has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she did obtain an enhancement on her ass.

Nevertheless, I believe being half African United States and Filipino has presented her with a more prominent hip, which typically indicates larger buttocks.

Saweetie Nose Job

Saweetie Plastic Surgery

Aside from the make-up, I truthfully can’t tell many variations here.
Would you certainly tinker with it if you have a cute nose such as Saweetie’s?
I don’t think, therefore, and neither did she.

Saweetie Lip Injections

Saweetie Plastic Surgery

Again, there isn’t much variation here.
I believe Saweetie’s genes have provided her naturally full lips. All she really needs is some lipstick and plumper; she prepares to go after that.

I wouldn’t state she hasn’t attempted lip fillers; however, it wouldn’t be a long-lasting factor even if she did.

What Saweetie Have To Say About Plastic Surgery?

In the conversation, the ‘Best Friend’ singer talked about the media’s obsession over women’s bodies and the continuous suppositions about plastic enhancements.

Saweetie said:

” I understand a lot of women who’ve had a lot of jobs performed, and I seem like in which’s an individual decision. I seem like it’s only a problem if you’re doing this for somebody else. I’m an advocate of women feeling great about themselves.”
” Their body, their choice. You stated it right there,” Saweetie included reaction to host Jason Lee.

Conclusion about Saweetie Plastic Surgery

If you didn’t understand, Saweetie supports ladies feeling great about themselves. She also thinks that cosmetic surgery is an individual choice and a personal decision. I agree with her.
Whether she’s had work done or otherwise, I believe she seems stunning from head to toe. I will leave it at that.

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