Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nicole Kidman is among the most respected actresses in Hollywood, and for those who have followed her career would know that she began as an Australian film celebrity before rising to worldwide popularity in America. Such as any woman, however, age can be a horrible opponent, and Nicole has been fighting this enemy to remain beautiful and youthful for many years.

Hence, many rumors have spread around regarding whether Nicole had any plastic surgery procedures done privately to enhance or sustain her appearance. A lot of fans have been discovering changes in Nicole’s face and lips in an unorthodox approach. A few have proposed that she may have had a facelift surgical procedure, a boob job, and even a botox to stay young and pretty.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Most media detected the topic and started capturing pictures of the starlet, most visibly her appearance, to discover identifiable evidence. The amusing thing was, she’s only ever confessed to using Botox during her career while stating everything more to become natural.

Nicole Kidman Boob Job

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Many people spotted one thing unusual about Nicole’s breasts when she wore a sexy deep V red wear the CMA Honors event. If you look in the picture on the above right, it looked like she’s obtained breast implants as a result of the way that her boobs were pushed upwards.

Currently, if this is held, after that, we must state which her plastic surgeon hasn’t done a particularly great job with this one.

Nicole Kidman Botox

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery


After years of rejecting her participation with plastic surgery, Nicole Kidman has finally happened out in 2011 and admitted to using a botox shot. She also discussed how she didn’t like the way her appearance looked and said she wouldn’t be trying those kinds of anti-wrinkle procedures once more.

Nicole Kidman Facelift

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

As you can see picture above, it’s pretty evident that Nicole had still resorted to some kind of facelift on her face. Perhaps she’s reached a point where she can no longer go without it?
That’s why a few days, you’ll view her puffy face such as the above, and whenever it’s worn off a little, she’ll look more typical, if not better, much like the video below.

The Year 1983

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

1983 was when Nicole Kidman debuted in her first film, a show reprise of the Bush Christmas. As you may view from this rare picture (below left), she was only 16 years old during the time whenever this was taken in Sydney. You can still accurately observe the baby fat around her face cheek area. As to which gorgeous curly hair, correctly, yes, she’s had them since she was young and took note of her thin lips as it was another among her unique features.

A few years because her job took off, you’ll discover that Nicole has matured quite rapidly (see above right picture). The baby fat from her face has decreased considerably, and at this moment in time, she was still all-natural without any makeup job.

The year 1995

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

The Showest in Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A. and you can observe which Nicole’s appearance had excellent structure and smoothness. Something we know for sure is which she certainly didn’t require any assistance from plastic surgeries. Even though you can view that fine lines are beginning to show up under her eyes, however, these might have been easily fixed with suitable cosmetic lotions and essential facial treatments.

Nicole Kidman is not the type of celebrity who such to show off her body system because she has natural acting talent and typically lets her work do the talking. However, we can all admit that she has a tall, slender and incredible body.

The year 1997

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Below, she is showing off her amazing upper physical body in this beautiful green dress (below-left photo). Although this impact might have been mimicked with products like a push-up bra or a wonder bra, if we look back into the previous yr, it just didn’t seem like a boob job to us.

Whether we are proper or incorrect, she stationary has among one of the most beautiful sets of shoulders which’s why she appears so attractive and stylish in that clothing.

The year 2001

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

If you didn’t understand, 2001 was when Nicole and Tom contacted an end to their marriage. Instantly, we discovered an improvement to Nicole’s look, and it was actually rather noticeable with the amount of base she applied to her face. Perhaps she had a lot of sadness to hide?

Regardless, we all know that passion and love can quickly create or break a woman, so this heartbreaking divorce must have drained a distribute of her. No matter how much powder she used, the skin layer and lines showing around her neck were nowhere to conceal (see below-left pic).

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop her from going to the leading movie “The Others,” which was a perfect movie incidentally. A REAL EXPERT!

The year 2005

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

If Nicole had performed any kind of anti-wrinkle shot, for fillers injections or lift surgery of any type. Then her cosmetic surgeon has done an excellent job on her face, as you can see in the 2005 photo below. She is beautiful with minimal makeup in this natural appearance. We’re thinking that the love chemistry might have one thing to do using it, participating in a significant role in her hormones.

Indeed. That’s because this was the year when Nicole and her present hubby, Keith Urban, started dating. Just look at her; she looks absolutely beautiful!

The year 2012

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

After declaring to use cosmetic fillers, Nicole took place to end up being the worldwide emissary for Swisse in 2012, promoting the importance of internal health to many women worldwide. An ideal candidate since everybody recognized just how much effort Nicole puts into her inner wellness, including taking the right vitamins, supplements and utilizing the right skincare products while working out routinely.

Even though age is no longer on her side, however, you’ve got to concur that Nicole nevertheless has one of the most stunning hair and body to time.

The year 2017

At age 50, Nicole looked attractive, especially within this picture when she attended the ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Innovation’ Costume Institute Gala at the City Museum of Art in New York City. Although it’s hard to understand whether she has quit visiting her plastic specialists for the benefit of preserving her picture, you can’t assist but admire her dedication.

What Did Nicole Say About Plastic Surgeries?

Towards completion of 2007, when everybody thought Nicole of having an appearance surgery or over botoxed, she was talked to by Meryl Gordon about how she felt about the media suppositions throughout a Marie Claire interview.

I actually don’t read them … To be truthful, I am completely natural. I have absolutely nothing in my appearance or everything. I wear sunscreen, and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself. And I’m pleased to state that.

And whenever asked if she’s ever used botox?

“No. Anybody can do everything for themselves, their physical bodies. I have no judgment on it. I believe in physical health because of the way I was raised.”

Next, unexpectedly in 2011, Nicole shocked many people when she admitted her use of Botox to a German Journal. Whenever the recruiter inquired how she managed her creases, this is what she said …

“I’ve attempted many points, but aside from working out and a good diet regimen, most things don’t help. I even tried Botox; however, I didn’t like how my appearance appeared afterward. Now I don’t use it anymore– and I can move my forehead once again.”

Conclusion about Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

There isn’t actually a lot we needed to state in terms of Nicole’s strategies of maintaining youth. And no, it’s got nothing to do with lotions and serums. She’s also admitted it herself in which she’s performed botox, but whether she’s really stopped using it altogether since her admission, well … we’ll leave in which opinion for you.

While filler injections are non-surgical and one of the most non-invasive ways of operating an individual’s age, we wanted to know if Nicole had indeed done any surgical procedures, including getting under the knife. The reality is that we couldn’t really find any adequate evidence to sustain the promises of nose surgery for her nose.

The only unpredictability we have is whether Mrs. Urban had received any boob job. She hasn’t honestly confessed, but many of her photos had suggested that one thing sneaky may have been performed to her breast part, especially when there was a period where she really enjoyed wearing deep Vs. to display her bosom.

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