Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery Before and After

Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista is a Dominican vocalist, lot better known by her stage name Natti Natasha.
I don’t learn Spanish.

Therefore I wouldn’t understand if Natti Natasha had admitted to having plastic surgery in public. I wouldn’t even understand it if she did.

But whenever I saw her music video on youtube recently, my 1st response was, this girl is completely gorgeous!
That’s the just reason why I’m making these comparisons.

Natti Natasha Boob Job

Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery

Yes, I couldn’t assist but question if Natti’s boobs are genuine or fake.
Following some research, I believe she probably got a breast implant in 2015-2016.

Suppose you look at the significant left picture. This photo was taken in 2015, and her breast was nowhere near as busy as it is today. A yr eventually, nevertheless, it seems like she has gotten herself a set of new boobs.

Natti Natasha Butt Lift

Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery

I’m going to state ‘no’ to this one.
Unlike many women vocalists, Natti doesn’t have an incredible dimension ass.
Don’t get me wrong, she has a pleasing contour and everything, but there is nothing abnormal about her buttocks, as I can inform you.

Natti Natasha Nose Job

Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery

Now that we obtained her body out of the way let’s look into her face.
I know many people presumed Natti had a rhinoplasty; however, I’m willing to disagree here and will return it with evidence too.
As you can see from the above contrast, there are barely any contrasts in her overall nose form. The just main reason why the bridge bone looks slimmer is makeup. That’s it.

Natti Natasha Lip Shots

Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery

I attempted to convince myself.

I really did; however, the possibility of her getting lip for injections is solid.
Just look at these photos and then tell me if those pouty lips could be obtained with a lip pen, guide, and so forth.

Natti Natasha Chin Implant

Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery

The Dominican vocalist has a really prominent chin.
But after making this contrast, I think that’s her organic appearance. She might have gotten botox to slim the jawline, but I don’t think she’s had any intrusive procedure there.


Natti Natasha was born on December 10, 1986, in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican State, where she began her engagement in songs. When she was 7, Natasha registered at the class of Artworks in Santiago, in which she took courses for vocal and developed her singing potential, which she has described as among the best times in her lifestyle.

From an exceptionally young age, she had appreciated musicians like Bob Marley and Jerry Rivera, especially Lauryn Hill, whom she continues to label as one of her preferences. Natasha likewise expressed that she has followed and respected Ivy Queen because the beginning of Queen’s job, with Queen reacting via Twitter: “Thanks for the regard, adoration. That’s having a lesson and greater than anything intelligence”. When she was 18, she moved to the Bronx, wishing to make it in the “City of Dreams.”

Certainly there, she met reggaeton professional Don Omar, who then signed her to his report label. She additionally was a developer and worked at a Makeup plant.

At the age of 18, Natalia began to compose and record her songs, performing different musical productivities which took place in her native Santiago and along with her friends, she decided to form the musical team “D’Style”, arriving to record a few musical themes, the collection did not achieve the expected results and eventually broke down. As a result, Natalia chooses to pause her short music job briefly.

As of 2022, Natasha has actually been a vegetarian for more than seven yrs.

Conclusion about Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery

Again, I don’t know if cosmetic surgery is a topic the Latin singer has mentioned or talked about before the public.
But given her beauty and excellence, I don’t believe it is an issue.

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