Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery

Megan Fox plays an important role in teens’ life at present days. Almost every girl wants to be in her shoes. By the way, every guy wants to go out with a lady who is as attractive as Megan. Also, men began to spend their time watching movies where  Fox is a star. However, is this beautiful natural? No. They created a person who captures your attention immediately. She undergoes a plethora of plastic surgeries. Though, Megan denies this fact. Therefore, this topic is dedicated to Megan Fox’s plastic surgeries, allowing everyone to discover all things. There has been a lot of speculations on diverse types of processes she has had.

Megan Fox plastic surgery rumours

Nowadays people suspect Megan have experienced: Gossips about surgical intervention started due to the fact of too different Megan ’s appearance in childhood.It is obvious that she has become more classy o her newest pictures. Moreover, her nose has some changing greatly and become thinner. She’s never been unattractive, yet it does not concern allure. It is merely that she looks a little bit in another way. Devotees and fans are sure that these changes are not the part of maturity. On her previous shots, we can notice that she had pimples scars. Afterward, we observe a silky appearance. Taking into account, the fact that makes up does not hide blemishes so well.


Megan Fox before and now

Did Megan Fox admit getting plastic surgeries?

Not every celebrity is fair about getting plastic surgeries. They are anxious about being convicted by fans and watchers and of suspect curiosity. As for celebrities’ surgeries, Megan prefers to stay silent. When she is asked about any operations, she denies allegations on cheek and lip fillers, rhinoplasty and breast bud or any other type of surgical intervention. Nevertheless, before and after images depict an entirely different thing. Hence, she was just jesting and try to pretend to be natural.


Megan Fox earlier and new pictures.

Without any doubt  Megan Fox has experienced plastic surgeries as in her previous interview she advised visiting and consulting the doctor before making any alterations. It is significant to discuss all the details before your face will be changed and it may not suit your personality. Megan Fox poured down the drain $60 million on beauty surgical procedures. Fancy that? It was her investment in plastic surgeries on her face since 2004, although she looked older in her 25. Megan Fox denied falsehood about plastic surgeries.

Megan Fox tried to snub out plastic surgery rumours

Recently she appeared on Facebook to prove the fact that she would not have shown such emotions on her face if she had had botox shots.Undoubtedly it is true because such a procedure won’t allow mimic muscles to contract. Megan posed in front of the camera showing her wrinkles and lines to convince her fans

Megan Fox Botex

Megan Fox Botex

She presented photos under the title”What you won’t do when you have botox” where she uploaded all the pictures with her frowning face.

What do plastic surgeons say about Megan Fox plastic surgery?

Without any doubt, the actress has made some plastic improvements;she hasn’t had any severe procedures; suppose having a nose job and facial filler ; her nose has become thinner without visible cleft on her nasal tip comparing with her previous photos; her lips have become fuller and cheekbones higher due to Restylane or Juvederm.

Megan Fox nose job

Megan Fox nose job

Megan Fox’s nose job

Her nose was more noticeable as she had a cleft on its tip on her earlier photos. After 2010 her nose has become more refined and elegant with a smoother nasal tip. It means that Megan has her nose done. It has significantly altered, so the celebrity can not state that her nose is her own and without any operation. It is hard to conceal it with the help of makeup,only thanks to photoshop.


Megan Fox’s breast augmentation

Fox began to dress more openly in front of the cameras showing her large and tight breasts. It served as the source of rumors about breast procedure she had undergone. Her look has become stylish and sophisticated at present days. Since 2010 her breasts have changed significantly. Megan has never affirmed her lovers’ assumptions as it is unnecessary.Let’s try to analyze her photos before the operation. Megan Fox boob job Megan Fox’s lip scrubs and lip fillers.


Megan Fox’s lip fillers and lip injections

Megan was blamed for having her lips done back in 2010. The star denied all these accusations. Though we could see distinct her lip lining as well as lip filling. Otherwise, her upper lip won’t be so expressive. Curious about lip fillers?

Megan Fox lip fillers

                 Megan Fox lip fillers

Megan Fox’s cheek fillers

In 2010 Megan began to use injectable fillers which made her appear older and gloomy. Her face started to look weirdly shaped and bulging.


Megan Fox Ink fillers Apart from cheek injections, Megan has done chemical peelings along with a laser skin treatment. Therefore her body looks so youthful and is not influenced by aging.

Final word about Megan Fox’s plastic surgeries

Can Megan Fox have the surgical procedures? Definitely. We can not reject all the things which confirm that the celebrity has done a lot of surgical interventions. Megan has significantly changed since 2002. Even after her children’s birth, she could save her attractive and young appearance, tight skin and beautiful boobs and also improved her good looking… Is not it one more debate for the advantage of this plastic surgical procedure?

So is it true that plastic surgery has influenced Megan Fox? There is no doubt. We aren’t blind to miss all of the things that testify about getting lots of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Megan Fox has some changing in her appearance since 2002 a great deal. Even becoming a mother, she didn’t just remain with excellent presence, creamy skin, and perfect boobs but also highlighted her attractiveness. I am wholly convinced that it is one more pro for the benefit of the surgery changing.




Information About Megan Fox:

Name: Megan Denise Fox

Birth day: 16 May 1986

Star Sign: Taurus

Birth Place: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States

Nationality: USA

Race / Ethnicity: English, small amounts of German, Scottish, Irish and French

Occupation: Actress, Model,

Net Worth: $11 Million

Relationship: Married to Brian Austin Green

3 Children: Bodhi Ransom , Noah Shannon , Journey River

Height: 5 ft 4 in(1.63 m)

Weight Average :114 lb (52 kg )

Body SIze: 34-22-32 Inches

Bra Measurement: 34B

Dress Size: 2 (US)

Shoe Size: 7 (US)

Natural  Color(Hair): Dark Brown

Natural Color(Eye ): Blue

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