Madison Beer Plastic Surgery Before and After

Madison Beer is an American singer-songwriter. With over 10 million Instagram followers, it’s noticeable that Madison Beer is somewhat… HOT! You don’t amass that several followers without a gorgeous face and a great body, not at 21 years of age anyway.

That’s why we’re listening to a lot of noises about Madison having plastic surgery to improve her looks. From boob job, lip fillers to a nose job, the speculations appear all over for her.
Ever since Justin Bieber twittered a link to her pay for track video “At Last,” by Etta James, Madison instantly came to be the online trend, and media got her ability from all around the world.

Here’s the video clip that began it all …

There’s no doubt she has a fantastic voice for a 13-year-old, but the fact is … she was already a beautiful looking girl.
Therefore why exist so many gossips regarding her getting plastic surgery?

Let’s find out!

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

To determine if Madison Beer has had any plastic surgery performed, we’ve taken a look at many photos before and after becoming famous. Here’s what we found.
See below for our “exclusive” pics comparison.

Madison Beer Boob Job

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery

Unless it’s her attire that’s tricking our eyes, typically, it appears Madison’s boobs were considerably smaller before. This tells us that she may have had a boob job to increase her cup dimension.

Although you can state it was her bikini that’s pushed up, her boobs bring in them seem more significant, but as all of us know, breast augmentation can appear quite natural nowadays, especially with the teardrop form so we’ll let you decide whether they are real or artificial.

Madison Beer Nose Job

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery

To make sure precision when comparing the shape of a nose, the subject must be revealing similar emotions. In this case, Madison is smiling in both the before and after photos, and it shows that her nose shape has stayed virtually identical.

Even though her nose bridge and nose tip seemed slightly slimmer, if you look at her face jowls, she appears to have lost a bit of baby fat. So no, we don’t believe she’s gotten a nose job.

Madison Beer Lip Injections

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery

It seems there have been several jobs done on Madison’s lips. Her upper lip used to become a lot slimmer, and now it’s double in size. So it’s very likely that she’s had injections to achieve those plump lips.
If true, then we think her plastic surgeon has done the best work.

Madison’s Beauty Improvement

Let’s see how her appearance and body have changed throughout the years. Likewise, we’ll look at how Madison Beer’s fashion has evolved, including her hair and makeup.

Early Days

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery

This is the young Madison Beer whenever she was a youngster. Her face shape is among the most natural features to identify due to her prominent chin. It likewise shows up she’s had several crooked teeth when she was youthful, so it looks like she’s had some plastic dental experience at a young age.

Madison Beer with brackets

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery

Here’s a pic of Madison with brackets. You see, we informed you she was most likely to visit a dentist to obtain her teeth repaired. Likewise, if you look at her eyes, it appears she’s got several really good ‘natural’ eyelashes.

The year 2013

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery

This was the year she launched her first single “Melodies”, where Justin Bieber created a guest appearance in her video. Aside from having a fantastic voice, she’s also a pretty girl with tons of abilities.

The year 2014

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery

Madison attends Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day in New York City. So far, everything regarding her appearance looks really natural. There are no heavy makeups, and her lively chin neglects jaw implants either. Also, it shows up she’s already building around the breast area therefore, perhaps this helps clear up some doubts around.

The year 2015

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery

The American singer attends the 2015 Radio Disney Music Honors in Los Angeles. You can observe that Beer’s lips were still quite thin here, which actually puts the purpose back onto her bony jawline and jaw. Perhaps that’s a valid reason for her to obtain lip injections? A minimum of we realizes she didn’t have any invasive procedures such as jaw decrease surgery.

Got to like the minimalist makeup too, but will she ever before ditch the long hair?

The year 2016

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery

Madison was spotted with more lavish lips at the 2016 Z100’s Jingle Ball in Madison Square Yard. You can instantly observe the effect on her sharper and more enhanced jawbones. With the smokey eye darkness, perfect eyebrows, long swirls, and bright purple lipstick … you have a victor right there!

The year 2017

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery

Right after honoring her 18th birthday together, guy Jack Gilinsky and Madison Beer quickly separated. Currently, she’s back to business dealing with her new recording “As She Pleases.”

She’s looking utterly stunning in this picture, keeping that sexy dark top. Her boobs and, more importantly her cleavage appears very natural here. Therefore possibly all the rumors regarding her getting breast augmentation were just this, hmmm …

The year 2018

Madison Beer Plastic Surgery

Beer was spotted heading out for lunch meal within this push-up bra top showing off her mood waist. Considered that she’s had continuously the skinny genetics, therefore plastic surgery and liposuction surgery won’t exist in her dictionary.

Conclusion about Madison Beer plastic surgery

Soon after undergoing Madison Beer’s pictures before and also after she got fame, we think she’s not precisely the type who requires a lot of cosmetic surgeries. She was born naturally beautiful. Her overall face contour is just stunning with big eyes, scarce pointy nose, and a V-shape jawline, which most females could dream of.

In states in which, we honestly don’t think she needs a rhinoplasty, eyelid, or any skin surgery. And also, she’s too young to obtain cheek fillers such as Botox. Nevertheless, we do feel in which she might’ve used lip fillers since her lips came to be plumper as the years passed. In terms of Madison’s body, her boobs and bust size, even so, stays a secret so except if she’s had a boob job at a youthful year, otherwise, they are right.

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