Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery before and after

Kim Taeyeon is one of the lead singers from the Korean girl’s group, SNSD. This is too why she’s been the focus of many plastic surgery rumors. She is a beautiful South Korean vocalist with stunning eyes, pretty nose, and an delightful face shape that has attracted millions of followers from Korean, China, Japan, and too many other nations, including USA and the UK.

Later her audition back in 2004, which had won her an agreement with SM Performing, Taeyeon’s life has never been identical. This is particularly true when she became one of the hottest members for SNSD. Besides her beautiful face, hot body, and hypnotic voice, Taeyeon has also made effort in cinemas and Television shows, including being the voice performer for the Hollywood box office cartoon, Despicable Me 1 & 2 (Korean audio version).

Without a doubt, her appearances and chic have made her a very pop-idol in the Kpop business; consequently it lone makes sense that her followers want to know if Taeyeon has had any plastic surgery actions done such as double eyelid surgery, nose job, boob job, lips fillers, Botox and so on.

Kim Taeyeon’s Jaw Surgery

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

When she was younger, Kim Taeyeon had an extensive jaw with a large chin. The jaw surgery was perhaps theoretical to make her appearance more feminine and gentle. If the gossip is real, then the plastic surgery worked in her favor in the end.

Followers of Taeyeon said that the transformation in her jaw was because she is on a diet, thus it looks tinny and different from before.

Kim Taeyeon’s Eyelid Surgery

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

Many Korean stars are performing surgery on their eyelids, they want their eyes to appear great and to have double eyelids. Taeyeon is supposed to have plastic surgery on her eyelids. She had very prejudiced eyelids that were very far from the perfect doll-like eyes with the double eyelids.

Thus, it is no amazement that she got a double eyelid surgery in order to open up her eyes a bit more. Nonetheless, admirers of Taeyeon say that it’s all just the effect of makeup.

Kim Taeyeon’s Nose Surgery

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

Before, Taeyeon had an ugly nose. Her nose before was slightly spherical in shape, and quite blunt at the end. Her nose job comprised redefining the shape of her nose so that the sides are thinner and more distinct. On the other hand, her nose change also included a rhinoplasty. When looking at the tip of Taeyeon’s nose before, we will be observed that she had a blunt nose tip.

Her plastic surgeon modified this so that she will be more good-looking. Thus, she has been given a louder nose tip that would match the rest of her existing nose.

Before & After Photos

Let’s see how Kim Taeyeon’s face and body have transformed through the years. By observing at her change before and after she became well-known, it should tell us if she’s ever used plastic surgeries to improve her beauty.


Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

Here’s a rare image of early Taeyeon as a child, perhaps around the age of 5. Like most Koreans, she didn’t have an observable double eyelid, if any, so we’ll keep an eye out in this area as we move on.

School Years

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

If you want to observe Taeyeon in school uniform, this is maybe as close as it’ll get. Though the picture isn’t apparent, you can see that she has a right jawline and chin form.


Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

This is a pre-debut photo of Kim Taeyeon while she was an exercise in the Starlight Academy of S.M. Performing. She still had a bit of baby fat on her look, and her nose shape was fairly extensive both in the nasal bridge and tip area. But, Kim has a beautiful set of teeth, so we doubt she’s ever needed dental enhancing work from her dentist.

The year 2007

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

At 18 years old, Taeyeon debuted as a member of SNSD, and because of her melodic capacities, she went on to become the lead singer for Girl’s Generation. Got to love those bangs on her with the extended locks that totally suits her appearance contour.

The year 2008

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

Here she was doing a promotional photoshoot for the girls’ group with an ice-cream lollipop. Her jawline still appears to be a little wide here, but we’re not 100% whether that’s from the baby fat or her jawbone structure. Her nose was definitely bulkier, so no signs of rhinoplasty at this stage.

The year 2009

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

Girls Generation Taeyeon joins the 2009 Golden Disk Prizes with spectacular reports showing off her new copper brown hair color. At 20 years of age, she has matured into an attractive young female. Observing at the pic, you can see that the form of her face has toned down a lot. Did she do a cheek decrease surgery, or was it only weight loss?

The year 2010


Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

Performing at the large football field, the Korean vocalist is dancing and singing to the crowd’s content. Although Tae-yeon isn’t too high in person, her body shape is attractively balanced. Not too skinny and not too fat.

Her cup size of 32A doesn’t take away from that beautiful waist, although it remains to be seen whether she’ll get a breast later on. We just confidence that it won’t be those big boobs because that’ll be too false.

The year 2011

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

The South Korean artist performs at the 2011 Valkyrie Concert wearing a grey costume complimenting her gilt hair color. Taeyeon’s double eyelids abruptly became very obvious here, whereas in some of the before pictures, they were understated at best.

This proposes to us that she might’ve had eye surgery to improve those eyelids. If this is accurate, then her plastic surgeon has done superb work because they look wonderful indeed.

The year 2012

Due to her beautiful voice, Taeyeon was picked to form a sub girls group “TTS” with fellow members Seohyun and Tiffany. Here she was vocal live on the KBS TV Canal doing a cover song for “Take a Bow” by Rihanna.

The year 2013

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

This was the year admirers got nervous about the internal fight going on between Taeyeon and Jessica. But, they motionless put on a big show for the Dream Concert. Observing at Kim’s stomach and hips, it doesn’t look like she’ll be needing a belly tuck plastic surgery action any time soon.

The year 2014

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

This is a rare image of Taeyeon without makeup taken at the airport. There are no eyeliners, eye shadows, eyelashes or any other type of eye makeup. Careful of made her appear older than her real age of 25.
Taeyeon 2014 with black hair and makeup

What a difference, huh?

Got to dearest her black hair too, and she appearances thus white here, it’s nearly like she lightened her skin. Was this unusual appearance sparked by the Taeyeon and Baekhyun breakup that stimulated the world of pop?

The year 2015

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

Taeyeon released her solo album “I” in 2015 in a novel fair-haired hair look. Her album ranked number two on the South Korea Gaon Album Chart, and it too topped the US Billboard World Albums. But, her MTV led to more debate about her getting double eyelid surgery. Afterward seeing the video, we can certainly see why…

The year 2016

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

Here Tae-yeon was speckled with short hair featuring light fair-haired streak highlights. Though she didn’t seem to have many makeups on, her eyebrows and a small number of modest mascaras were sufficient to lift her gorgeous image. If you look carefully, it too looks like she’s dyed her eyebrows as well.

The year 2017

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

Joining the IFC Mall Fan Signing Event, Taeyeon surely turned a lot of eyes with her novel dark curly hair. It too appears she might’ve had her lips worked on. She used to have a tinny upper lip, then somehow it looks fuller in this pic.

The year 2018

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

After lasting a year of hardship with the loss of Jonghyun and her dramas with Wiz Khalifa, Taeyeon is lastly putting a smile back on her look with this “Girl Next Door” picture she’s posted on her IG account.

Up until today, we haven’t seen any decisive indication to propose that the Korean star has had a nose job, so we just cannot put this down as a fact and can only see it as a rumor.

Conclusion about Taeyeon plastic surgery

Kim Taeyeon plastic surgery

After going through Tae-Yeon’s before and after photographs, and then seeing her attractiveness change throughout her celebrity, we did find some evidence that she may have used plastic surgery.

We doubtful she’s had eyelid surgery to improve her “hidden” double eyelids. An additional thing we’ve originate was Taeyeon’s lips, and although very delicate, she may have used lip surgery on some times.

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