Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery Then and Now

Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery It doesn’t give rest to all its numerous fans! Ji Chang Wook is a favorite South Korean performer. His function in the drama show Smile Again left him a household name.

His faithful fans closely follow his newest unlawful performance Fabricated City. Consequently, of his excellent appearances, a lot of netizens began to the discussion on Ji Chang Wook undergoing plastic surgery. A number of those supposed Ji Chang Wook plastic surgeries incorporate a nose job, lip surgery, and eyelid surgery.

Nose Job

Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery

South Korea is famous for plastic surgeries. Much like the United States, South Korea has TV shows devoted to displaying plastic surgery makeovers.It’s not astonishing that lots of South Korean actors that are beautiful looking are exposed to plastic surgery gossip.

For Asians, a lot of aren’t holy with a usually pointed nose. A nose that is thinner makes an individual new good-looking and appealing. On the other hand, the nose is a decorative look that can’t be improved without getting the blade. The shape of the nose may only be altered by plastic surgery.

Regardless of the much-extended revival period, nose jobs, or rhinoplasties, always grade amongst the majority trendy plastic surgery. This is partly because most stars are ready to suffer the ache and hassle in a swap for a more glowing nose.For Ji Chang Wook, he used to get a rounder and more bulbous nose into his younger days. It is possible to see from his younger picture below he had a pure round nose.

Lip Filler

Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery

Lips are usually the interest of girls. They place on their makeup of distinct colors to state their different fashions. But, Ji Chang Wook is the topic of lips augmentation. Some speak his lips has”upturned” out of his previous years. Is that accurate?

A lot of female stars yearn for thicker and much poutier lips. It’s uncommon to hear of any man famous person wanting the similar. When you examine the before and after images of Ji Chang Wook, then there’s absolutely no separate difference in his eyebrow shape and dimensions.

Eyelid Plastic surgery

Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery

Eyes are the windows into the spirit. Therefore, having a beautiful set of appealing eyes can win a lot of lovers over. Ji Chang Wook, with a massive Asian, after, could have had his sights set. But were the fluctuations evident?

Look at his before and after photographs, we every one observe is the innovative development of his eye bags. Maybe as an outcome of long hours of filming, he seemed somewhat fatigued with these eye bags. A few observers went on to state he could have improved his attention bags however we do not think so. It’s uncommon for an individual to want larger eye bags.

Ji Chang Wook has double eyelids as youthful, and it’s improbable to allow him to have eyelid plastic surgery done. After all, he’s just 29 years old. There aren’t any indications of aging in his eyes in any way. Have a seem at him before and after images below. What do you believe?

Ji Chang Wook Jaw plastic surgery

Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery

Another trendy Ji Chang Wook plastic surgery gossip is your oral operation. The common desirable effect is a much better lower chin and features. Some people who have a surrounding and smooth face choose to undergo a chin reshaping process to create a thinner appear.

The length to get a jaw reshaping operation is all on one hour. It takes approximately three weeks to recuperate completely. It’s a painful plastic surgery process. People who want to get a sharper appear will suffer the pain for dressing.

For Ji Chang Wook, it’s not easy to tell if he’s undergone jaw reshaping operation. Among the earlier and after photographs demonstrate minor adjustments to his face form. Though, such differences may also be an effect of various camera angles. Believe on a few of the Facebook profile images you see today. A number of them seem very bony on account of the place of the camera.

The final word about Ji Chang Wook plastic surgery

Whole, Ji Chang Wook has become more handsome through recent years. He’s never supported that the plastic surgery Gossip. From his present appearances, he may have experienced the blade but, the alterations are minor. His facial appearance is in excellent equilibrium. To say he has a flatter nose because of a nose job is quite cruel. Anyhow, being a South Korean celebrity, it’s predictable to be exposed to these rumors.


Ji has headlined the well-liked TV show Healer (2014–2015), ” The K2 (2016) and doubtful associate (2017), in adding to crime-exploit film Fabricated City (2017).Ji in progress his career in melodic drama. He left his onscreen first appearance in the 2006 film seasons… and had a slight piece in the 2008 TV play You Stole My Heart. He now formally surfaced at the 2008 film Sleeping loveliness.

Rear in 2009, he seemed in My as well ideal Sons, enjoying the shy, sissy youngest brother that ends up lifting his very most excellent associate’s offspring while merely rotating 20 years old. The weekend household play obtained 40% evaluations. He had a supportive part at the deed-humor superman.

The year 2010–2012

Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery


In 2010, Ji was shed in his primary starring position at the 159-incident every day play Smile Again. Live the piece of a Korean-USA small path pace skater, Ji coached four to five hours each daylight in the ice rink.Then he plays with the supposed position in 2011 act historical play soldier Baek Dong-soo (2011). Produced from Lee Jae-he’s manhwa Honorable Baek Dong-soo, it’s a source tale regarding Joseon-era swordsman Baek Dong-soo, revealing his rising time before supporting conspiracy produces a competition with his early days best friend-curved-opponent.

The show had been number one in its timeslot for 13 months, and Ji obtained a”New Star prize” in the SBS play prized. Afterward this season, he played the guide part in wire have fun Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, depending on the excellent achievement tale of Lee youthful-seok, a youthful guy who turned into a little 350-square-feet vegetable shop in 1998 to a countrywide permit together with 33 shops.

In his initial scoundrel character, Ji played with a pianist that envy his older brother normal present for melody in 2012 melodrama Five Fingers.
Ji returns into the melodic theatre in 2013 with The period, live with a presidential guard who went lost 20 years rear and a foreign feminine company. The Days proved to be a jukebox melodic employing the folk astounds tunes of Kim Kwang-Seok.

The year 2013

Ji’s get through came when he played with Toghon Temür (also referred to as Ta Hwan), the 16th monarch of the Yuan Dynasty, at the historical play Empress Ki. The game attracted strong viewership ratings nationally all through its conduct with a meaningful evaluation of 35.12%. Ji’s depiction of the youthful ruler made a powerful feeling on both the critics and the crowd, creation him dangerous approval and improved credit.

Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery
Ji subsequently starred as the title nature in Song Ji-Na-penned activity suspenseful story Healer from December 2014 into February 2015. He took martial arts education for his position as a strange task guy in the sequence. Following the play surfaced, Ji became admired in China and another area of Asia.Then he took on characters in Mandarin-language dramas such as The Whirlwind Girl two and Mr. Right.

In 2016, Ji starred in Television exploit suspenseful story The K2 because the name nature, a defender who has pounded with his man countrymen and fell in adore with a woman with dread of individuals. The play conventional positive reviews, topping wire station viewership ratings during its 8-week transmit. In November 2016, he co-starred from the promotional internet play titled primary Seven Kisses for Lotte Duty-Free.

The year 2017

Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery

In 2017, Ji starred in the achievement film Fabricated metropolis, live the employ of an unemployed pastime enthusiast who becomes a framed killer. He was thrown in SBS’s amorous humor/suspenseful story associate, which premiered in May.

Ji was too put to celebrity as a rash rookie constable along with Sol Kyung-gu’s apathetic experienced person official at the period-comedy film Two Constables, the fourth incident from the 2 Cops franchise led by Kang Woo-suk. The work was placed on imprecise hold because of difficulties with financial support and preparation.

Ji in progress his required armed repair on August 14, 2017. He underwent essential preparation in the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province. Upon conclusion, he had been given an award for top performance.

The year 2018

Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery


Ji was delegated to the Army’s 5th Artillery Brigade in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province to finish the rest of his army support. He’s been chosen as a Platoon Leader and got promoted into a Corporal. Ji is listed to be released on April 28, 2019.

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