Did Ivanka Trump make breast augmentation(boob job)?

Ivanka Trump boob job rumors very much go))). Ivana Trump was born on 30.10.1981 in Manhattan, USA, New York. Her parents call her Ivanka when she was a girl (she had her nickname, a small figure derivate from Ivana). Ivana is the first offspring of one of the richest men Donald Trump. She is a former successful model, playwright, business shark, counselor of the President of the USA. Also, she is a spouse of Jared Kushner. At the present moment, Ivana is 36 and has three children. Although this woman works in the White House and she is the president’s counselor everyone talks about some changes of her bust since 2006. This theme is pervasive because it astonished everyone in her new image.

Rumors about the nipples of Ivanka Trump

First gossips arose after her appearing on the public with her big and plump breasts. You can obviously see the difference on these before and after pictures: when you see Ivanka’s related images, you can positively determine what has happened to her breasts.

Sources which regard to people in the business say Ivanka felt an individual decision about improving her body.


Ivanka Trump is an American princess A few citizens say that it depends on her age which affects the body parts. A lot of people consider that luxurious and experienced artificial surgeons have worked with Ivana’s breasts. They used two breasts implants, which as we noticed are quite big. Experts have the same opinion that after careful consideration when we take a careful look at Ivanka’s images, we can see that she has reinforced her nipples.

When did people notice Ivanka Trump boob job?


New breasts which belong to Ivanka Trump. The picture you see over was taken on October 29, 2006, in Hollywood. All the rumors that have been said before have become a fact. It was the first moment when men and women saw the changes in her body. The famous people were surprised at 64 the Golden Globe awarding because then Ivanka arrived with the changing! It seems to everyone that her breasts are too big for her body.

Ivanka Trump got breast augmentation



Does Ivanka Trump put on a bra?


Ivanka Trump’s chest looks perfect, not only because of the bra. How do you think can the professional user of such a device as a bra made her boobs

To look so much bigger? If you look at the original and new pictures, you will understand that the bras do not contribute much to the breast size. Evana’s breasts seem to be ideal in their person positions, with an ordinary arch, and the sternum usually leads the breasts to stay together in the middle.

Ivanka Trump made a breast augmentation

Ivanka followed the example of Melania Trump and undergone to the breast augmentation for enlarging her breasts, and now they are 36Dsize.


Ivanka Trump before and after the changing

The breast seems to be the most significant feature of each woman’s body. A zigzag shape with big breasts is the main aim of every woman. A big, full and thin chest gives each person a great self-confidence. Of course, Ivanka has right breasts, but it does not seem to think that she decided that it is enough. She a famous person which we always observe on TV, so there is no wonder that she wants to be perfect from all sides.


Ivanka Trump before and after the operation

Ivanka used to have smooth breasts and not so big breasts. Maybe at the most at Cup B. But her modern performance shows she has changed her boobs somehow and improved her as she dreamt. Yes, Ivanka looks more good-looking, but her admirers, enemies, and observers recognize that this is not her natural beauty.

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Breast Augmentation Results of Ivanka’s Trump operation

In a recent conversation with Howard Stern, Donald Trump described his child Ivana as sensitive. Later on, he supposed he could accept her even in a case she was not his offspring. Receiving Ivanka’s body enhancements was the right choice as now she looks more impressively at different fashion shows. The general consensus is that Ivana is enhanced, although the opinions of the experts can be varied.


Thee breast augmentation of the president’s daughter

Ivana’s round boobs seem to be more prominent today. The size of her breasts is now more substantial in a twice as before. That’s why Ivanka looks unforgettable and sexy in everything. It is no matter what outfit she wears – she is perfect. I guess that this cosmetic surgery influenced positively on her appearance. But on the other hand, her boobs look not very natural because of their size- they are too big for her structure. Though the

implants in her breasts are entirely changing her look into a positive side: the modifying is , and when it’s normal, it will not appear as big as we see it today.

The last word on the Ivanka’s Trump operation

From the time as Ivanka Trump become a former model, she knows how to highlight her beauty. She has excellent possibilities for attending beauty salons each daytime, and a lot of stylists work on her curls and do her make-up before she appears to the public. We also can admit that her appearance becomes more critical since her father’s victory in the presidential elections.


Ivanka Trump after plastic surgery

All debate about Ivanka’s plastic surgical procedure is still not valid in speculation until the moment she recognizes her connection with surgeries. But nowadays as we have confirmed that there are breast implants, we have to admit that the surgical procedure did great work.


Ivanka Trump and her breasts implants

Not all wealthy people can recognize surgical procedure, but as for Donald Trump’s daughter, she has found somebody who can do it without going abroad. We can see that Ivanka’s plastic surgery did not go wrong, every face change looks natural on her face. Ivanka may have changed only her nose and breasts, though it is so evident that you can think about the whole package.

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Information or Ivanka Trump:

Full Name: Ivanka Marie Trump

Birth date: 30 October, 1981

Age:  36 years old

Star Sign: Scorpion

Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, USA

Occupation: Businessperson, Fashion Designer…

Net Worth: $300 Million

Nationality: American

Race / Ethnicity: German, Scottish.

Relationship: Married to Jared Kushner

Children: Arabella Rose Kushner, Theodore James Kushner, Joseph Frederick Kushner

Height:  5 ft 11 in (1.8 m)

Weight: 138 lbs (63 kg)

Measurement: 38-26-36 Inches

Bra Size: 34D

Dress Size: 6 (US)

Shoe Size: 10 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Blonde

Natural Eye Color: Light Brown

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