Im Soo Hyang Plastic Surgery Before and After

Im Soo Hyang is a South Korean celebrity. She rose to fame, playing significant roles in the television series New Tales of Gisaeng and Inspiring Generation. If you’ve been a fan of Im Soo-Hyang, then you’ll understand why this post was created, to cut the long story small; I think she’s had some plastic surgery before she came to be well-known.

Of course, this South Korean actress is charming, but there is anything strange regarding her that I can’t describe up until I do a thorough investigation anyway.

Therefore, let’s jump straight to it.

Im Soo Hyang Before and After Photography

As always, we require to look for evidence by contrasting Im Soo Hyang’s past photos.

Let’s observe what we have discovered.

Im Soo Hyang Boob Job

Im Soo Hyang before and after

Soo Hyang is not somebody who commonly wears enlightening clothes. Based on these photos on your own, it is challenging to state if she had a boob job or otherwise. Even though her breast dimension seems more significant in the after photo, I don’t believe they are breast implants. She most likely wore a pushup bra underneath to lift her breasts higher.

Im Soo-Hyang Nose Job

Im Soo Hyang Plastic Surgery

If you check out the “before” picture, Soo Hyang’s nose used to get on the beautiful side. She additionally had a bulbous nose tip also. These elements have because improved. Her nose link looks a lot thinner now, and the tip is much sharper as well. So, I believe it’s very likely in which Soo Hyang had a rhinoplasty.

Im Soo Hyang Eyelid Surgery

Im Soo Hyang Plastic Surgery

Like most Koreans, I believed Soo Hyang would have single eyelids, but I mistook it. If you look at her younger picture, you can observe the double eyelids on her. They came to be more famous since she got older. Therefore, I don’t think she had an eyelid surgical treatment.

The actress was likewise put up with big eyes; therefore, she definitely didn’t require any assistance in this field. Her eyes are gorgeous, and she can change them to any type she likes with makeup by herself.

Im Soo Hyang Lip Fillers

Im Soo Hyang Plastic Surgery

On the left, we had a picture of Soo Hyang back in 2009. You can tell her lip shape and size haven’t changed much throughout the years. If she did have lip injections, then I’m sure we’ll view it. However, within this situation, we can’t.

Im Soo-Hyang Change

Let’s take a look at her change over the years.

Soo Hyang is Teen

Im Soo Hyang before and after

Im Soo Hyang as an adolescent and examining at school Here is a photo of Soo Hyang in her earlier teen and continued learning in high school. She looks very various back then.

The year 2009

Im Soo Hyang before and after

Im Soo-Hyang created her display, launching taking on a bit-part appearance in the 2009 movie “4th Period Mystery”.

The year 2011

Im Soo Hyang before and after

This was the yr she gained the “Best New Actress” award after starring in the prominent television series, New Tales of Gisaeng.
Can you observe how different her face looks? Look at her nose. I believe she might have obtained cosmetic surgery around 2010.

The year 2015

Im Soo Hyang before and after

At 25 years of age, Im appears indeed remarkable in this pink gown. I don’t t know if she’s had any work performed on her teeth, but she has a gorgeous smile.

The year 2018

Im Soo Hyang before and after

The 28-year-old actress gained mainstream recognition after starring in the romantic comedy series Gangnam Beauty. I really like her short hair. It’s very refreshing.

The year 2021

Im Soo Hyang before and after

The celebrity has maintained the short hairstyle while dyeing her tresses reddish brownish. It appears very adorable on her, much like her puppy.

Conclusion about Im Soo Hyang Plastic Surgery

Im Soo Hyang Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a very typical procedure in South Korea. However, Im Soo Hyang was very anxious about enjoying the role of Kang Mi Rae primarily due to the age gap and because she had to want someone who had plastic procedures.

She said that she had to appear last the plastic surgery element and focus on the message behind the drama to accept the role. It is hard to believe that she would feel uncomfortable if she had plastic surgery herself.

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