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Iggy Azalea Plastic Surgery EXPLAINED!

Iggy Azalea is a well-known Australian rapper. In the ordinary life, everyone calls her Amethyst Amelia Kelly. She has been working in the hip-hop industry since she was 16 years old… She was very famous due to YouTube, where she set a record, and her life changed after that. Not so long ago, Iggy’s face and ideal body became the object for rumors about plastic surgery. y. In an interview with Vogue, Iggy’s revealed that she doesn’t like to discuss the job on her nipples because she did not want to have an influence on the youth fans’ opinion about natural beauty. She also said she did not want to have any conversations about her fake breasts in the press. s. After this confession, Iggy Azalea also confirmed that she had a problem with her nose. Her professional surgeon, d. Ashkan Ghavami forced «People» to write the article after Iggy’s thanking via Instagram.

But her admirers still discuss cosmetic procedures that Azalea might have done with her body, including mouth fillings and implants. But the star totally refuses from such statements. She tells that such perfect curves on her butt were made only thanks to the hard physical work in the gym. So, she denies similar conversations.

Photos before and after the operation

How has the operation processes changed Eggy? And what beauty did improve her appearance well? Let’s take a look at some of the stars shots and compare them.

Did Egy Azalia get a job at her breasts?

The response to the speculation on Iggy’s breasts is positive, she looks better. Her boobs were improved in 2014. The magazine People had the conversation with her doctor, and he admitted that the star had had two petite breasts and that they were very different before the operation. She also had no cleavage to her chest.

Her recovery was also fast, where 24 hours lasted, and four days afterward she danced with Jennifer Lopez on the concert and moved very active there. That suggested that Egy Azalia did not have much tummy tensing to increase the size of her cup, and Dr. Gavamy said that he wanted to tear down a normal Azalia so he would not disturb about her dance.

Did she improve her ass?

Did Egy Azalea gain weight?

During a visit to one of the talk shows in Brisbane, Iggy refused that she had any changing with her butt for improving her ideal body… Fancy’s singer has proven that she has trained a lot for being in a great form and she loves tennis since she was a girl. Iggy’s wants to make her body slimmer, so she works much for this aim. However, the training seems to do much bigger work, as for how we can see in the picture now her bottom firmed up and a bit bigger..

Are you convinced that Iggy’s ass is without the operation on these pictures?

Has Eggy Azalia changed her nose?

Dr. Javami supposed that Iggy’s nose had a strange form. Therefore, the doctor gave her many tips to reduce hr nose without doing any operations. The nose bridge also removed the little teeth from the doctor.

Dr. Ghavami praised her nose and acknowledged his weakness, as most celebrities refused from his actions. So, she had rhinoplasty.

Does the star have a lip operation?

Did Egy Azalia receive injections on the lips? After admitting that she was working on her nose and breasts, her fans speculated that she was made some improvements on her mouth. After posting a picture on Instagram with swollen lips, she was asked by her followers how she could be changed her mouth so magically. Although she’s ready to talk about cosmetic improvements, Iggy still has not wanted to talk about every procedure in that part of her face. Take a closer look at these pictures, and you will see how Iggy’s lips changed. Do you believe that the choice of lipstick makes a difference or filling?

Azalea’s Agi Beauty Changing

Nevertheless, on her excellent rap skills, Iggy was admitted for her beauty, style, and style. Let’s observe how her views have transformed over the years. In early childhood Young Azalea was a child Source: Twitter Abu Iggy’s shared this beautiful image of the celebrity on the internet. Egy Azalea was born in Sydney, Australia. Of course, she had blond hair, and a looks perfect with her cheeks. As a young person, her beautiful face was already remarkable.


Eggy Azalea 2006 Source: Instagram @ thenewclassic This split was applauded for the picture in Instagram. Eggy was 16 years old and had no surgical procedure. It was the beautiful teen with extended hair, and she looked great. She moved to the United States at the time to seek for her job as a hip-hop performer.

In the year 2008

This was one of Iggy’s primary specialized pictures because the model showed a high-quality angle in the shape of the face. She was 18 years old and tried to discover her best career. She wore a wig and had thick make-up and eyeshadows.

People have suggested to her to become a model because she also had an exclusive look. Her face and corpse were improved during the months by Levi, Steve Madden and Amber 21.

In 2012 Egy Azalia

Are you looking forward to Eggy’s appearance before the surgery? This image for VH1 Divas can come as a surprise. Where is her avant-garde style, yes?

Her friendly personality did not flatter the dress she wore; her breasts were not plump. Beautiful face, yes, but we can see why she resolute to transform her appearance and increase the size of her bust.

The star 2013 

Here is the celebrity with her previous nose, and as her advisor said, she had a small tumor on the bridge. But, in any case, we like to observe her bright eyes with super-long eyelashes and hairy eyebrows.

Everyone can be jealous of the size of her two cheeks, but we need to admit that her chin need some changes. The dark brown Iggy’s stains are one of the main elements of her distinctive appearance, and rumors tell that it is sometimes dark pencils are used for highlighting them.

Eggy Azalia 2014 

After an operation in behind 2014, she first appeared in a dance club in Philadelphia with her newest breasts. Her innovative body completed her bankrupt upper body. Her bra size enlarged, but her mammalian work still seemed natural. The star’s plastic surgeon did a huge job, right?


Eggy was awarded the Grammy Awards this year. In addition to the exclusive style, it has done a significant work with the nose. She has given up her new nose, and a celebrity’s medical doctor has also made a great effort.

But people also talked about her bloated lips. It appears that she received oral injections and was probably put some implanted in the cheek. What are you thinking?

Egy Azalea 2017

Charmed the crowd with some tight clothes that cover her legs in the iHeartRadio happening in Toronto. She seemed to gain mass because of her full body shape and her back. It is not hard to recognize why the rumors about the legs became stronger.

Eggy 2018 

For her performance in Cotela, CA, Eggy Dane wore pants that confirmed her thin waist. It was combined with a sleeveless white blouse that removed her tattoo from her limb and brightened her look with great circular jewelry. Hair was also a nice, but the fans also noticed some incredible thing on her face. Does she have a jaw implant? She looked more accurate than on her previous images.

What did Iggy say about her approach? Throughout a meeting on Elaine’s demonstrate, an Australian-born rapper about plastic surgery interviewed her. Here was her answer … Yes … I did that. I am very happy with it.

Then she was congratulated, but at the similar time, she was confused about the lack of mistakes. That’s what Iggy’s supposed … I did not do it; there’s nothing incorrect with me. I believe it’s an individual choice, and every person, man or female, must be able to make an informed decision. If you want to transform something, it’s up to you. When the star was asked what bothered her and what changed, she told that she had changed her nose and changed … she has made breasts.

I had no breasts before I got my nipples and now I have breasts.

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