Hyuna Plastic Surgery Before and After

Hyuna is a South Korean performer, songwriter, rap artist and model. Debuting with the Wonder Girls and joining 4Minute was just an entree. Hyuna’s solo career eventually sealed her fate as one of the most successful Kpop charms.
Such as most stunning artists in Korea, though, Kim Hyuna has been rumoured to have gone to plastic surgeons. Possibly this is unavoidable being a Korean idol?

I honestly can not remember the lot of periods I have wondered whether Hyuna is a natural appeal. Yes, I have questioned her nose shape numerous moments, and if you don’t think me, look into the music video below when she did a pair performance with Psy on the famous song “Gangnam Style”.

I’m reasonably confident her nose bridge wasn’t that thin when she was young, and if you believe it’s just all cosmetics, then I fear I conflict with you. I likewise have factors to believe that her boobs could be fake; however, speak is cheap.

Allow me to recognize deeper … for you.

Hyuna Plastic Surgery Before and After photographs

What more desirable methods to discover the truth than to examine Hyuna’s pictures carefully and side-by-side.

Hyuna Boob job

Hyuna Plastic Surgery

Of course, Hyuna’s body is certainly up there among several of the enterprise’s best female idols. Her breast size, nevertheless, gets her stand apart from the pack. Judging from her before picture, it seems like she had a flatter chest in the previous days. It’s challenging to say if the right after pic is the outcome of breast augmentation or a push-up bra. I kind of slim towards the first; however, I’ll let you decide this …

Hyuna Nose Job

Hyuna Plastic Surgery

You can accurately observe that Hyuna had a wider nose from her nasal bridge down to her nose tip from the previous picture. Today, her nose form is excellent, long and thin. This suggests to me that she may have undergone a nose job. Specifically, specific contouring and makeup methods can make a person’s nose seem thinner; however, I just don’t think this is the case here.

Hyuna Jawline Reduction

Hyuna Plastic Surgery

Although Hyuna has an excellent pointy chin, she likewise has a relatively wide jawline. However, this isn’t exactly the typical face form you see in terms of Korean beauty standards. I don’t believe she’s shaped it down. Therefore, no operations on her jaws from what I can see.

Hyuna Eyelid Surgery

Hyuna Plastic Surgery

Most women in Korea desire twin eyelids. Whether it is through all-natural birth or plastic surgery is one more tale.
Based on the above evidence, I definitely believe Hyuna was born with double lids, so no treatment there.

Hyuna Lips Filler

Hyuna Plastic Surgery

Lip shot isn’t widespread in South Korea; however, when you look at these before and after pictures, I don’t believe anybody can deny that Hyuna’s lips look pretty various. Her upper lip looks a lot thicker; therefore, if you talk to me, I’d state she most likely had lip fillers.

Kim Hyuna Changes

Baby Hyuna

Hyuna Plastic Surgery

Here’s a rare photo of Hyuna when she was just an infant. She had beautiful eyes and currently knows how to publish photographs.

The year 2007

Hyuna Plastic Surgery

At 15 years old, Kim Hyun-ah created her professional launching as a participant of Wonder Girls’ girl group. She had a short hairdo back then with a perfect pearly white group. I think she never needed any dental braces or.

The year 2009

Hyuna Plastic Surgery

Since remaining Wonder Girls in 2009, the vocalist signed up with another female team, 4Minute and also started her single profession on the side. Here she uses a hair wig, and you can see that her nose isn’t as narrow as it is today.

The year 2011

Hyuna Plastic Surgery

At 19 years old, Hyuna has transformed into an idol and attracted many male followers. Despite having a cute voice, her hot body shape gave her performances another size. Indeed, stories were proposing she was as well attractive for her age.

A few people even suggested she had a breast implant, and I should admit I agree with them. Her breasts don’t look all-natural in this clothing, but it might simply be the bra. Something I know for sure is, she did not have ass enlargement.

The year 2016

Hyuna Plastic Surgery

Since the disbandment of 4Minute, Hyuna resumed her career as a solo artist. She appears as gorgeous as ever with her dyed hair, adorable make-up, which beautiful nose. I am not sure about you, but it looks like good nose surgery to me.

The year 2019

Hyuna Plastic Surgery

I was shocked when I observed this picture because I couldn’t identify Hyuna. I mean, she looks like another individual. Her pale face and dyed brows are nothing new: however, her lips told various story.

There’s a likelihood she’s participating in with lip injections.

Conclusion about Hyuna Plastic Surgery

I’ll be truthful here. Hyuna is typically good, seeming with a fantastic body and long legs. However, after analyzing many of her pictures and videos, I discovered some evidence to propose that her beauty might not be 100% natural. There hasn’t been anything too remarkable about her facial elements, but her nose seems to have been altered at some point after 2009 when she came to be traditional. Hyuna’s boobs have left behind me, scraping my head in terms of her body.

I’m unsure if they are actual or artificial, but I believe she had a boob job if I needed to guess. 2019 has been an exciting yr as it shows up HyunA wanted to full up her lips. Now, whether this particular was done by lip gloss or lip for fillers injections, you can check out the comparisons above and draw your conclusion.

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