Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dua Lipa started to gain attention about her talent and appearances when she began to share cover versions of the music on YouTube. She was only a youthful teen at the time, and the performer was residing in London on her own while working as a waitress.

As long as there seems to be any definitive evidence the performer actually had a plastic surgery procedure, part of the gossip stems from her flawless features and good appearances. The community does not wish to believe in which she is a natural beauty.

They want to discuss her look and the concept in which she has undertaken plastic improvements to achieve her present appearance. Whenever it comes to Dua Lipa plastic surgery speculation, here are the procedures she is suspected of having in the past times:

I don’t recognize who to believe anymore. A few people say Dua Lipa photoshopped her pictures, although others think she simply had plastic surgery. The performer herself has denied the photoshopping but hasn’t stated much about the latter.

Let’s find out!

Dua Lipa Boob Job

Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery

At first glance, it’s simple to incorrect those with a boob job. I almost did also. Dua Lip does not have big boobs whatsoever, and she hasn’t been the type of woman to use “push up” either. But it doesn’t imply the girl has no breasts at all. It simply wasn’t her look, till lately. But I still think she used boob job! the pictures above are talking about it!

Dua Lipa Lip Filler

Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery

There were rumors about how Lipa photoshopped her infant photo to make her lips appear bigger; therefore, I’ve decided to leave behind that out. Instead, I have used a photo from her released yr, and you may accurately see how thick her lips were, particularly the lower part.

Sure, her top lip appears poutier now; however, given that she wasn’t wearing any lip gloss and plumper during the time, I’m going to say absolutely no. I don’t believe the performer had lip for fillers injections, and it’s simply makeup impacts.

Dua Lipa Butt Lift

Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery

Yes, I believe it did, but that’s just since she has gotten slimmer general. If you consider her position here, there aren’t many variations in her butt size. This generally says all-natural to me. Truthfully, Lipa has a very proportional body form, and she has kept it that way. Regardless if she’ll want an enormous butt in the potential is another story.

Dua Lipa Nose Job

Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery

Uncertain about you, but I believe Lipa’s nose looks super adorable! She doesn’t have a very sharp nose tip like other women celebrities, which keeps it so exceptional. Based on these contrasting photos, I can’t view any evidence that she has tampered with her nose in any method or shape. I’m glad she didn’t possibly. She does not require it.

What did Dua Lipa say about plastic surgery?

Although Dua Lipa has not straight addressed the talk surrounding her suspected cosmetic surgery procedures, she has given credit for her look to her makeup and skincare program. In 2018, Dua Lipa felt the need to speak up about her taking care of it was suspected that plastic surgery was the reason the singer had to cancel a series of programs she had in the future opening for Bruno Mars.

The reason provided for the canceling was recovery from wisdom teeth surgery. There was some doubt put on the wisdom pearly whites story as the performer performed on Jimmy Kimmel’s discuss program together; she was expected to be in Australia starting the program for Bruno Mars.

Soon after a journalist pointed this particular out on Twitter, Dua Lipa responded with the complying with information together with a picture of her puffy cheek after the surgery:

” If you were a great reporter, you would’ve done proper study instead of talking out of your ass. Jimmy Kimmel was shot in Feb in LA and aired yesterday. I’ve been in Australia on bed others and wouldn’t have canceled my Bruno shows if I didn’t need to.”
Once Duo Lipa sent out her reply for the globe to view, the journalist quickly sent out an excuse to her and admitted to his error:

” Sincere apologies @DUALIPA. Didn’t mean to misinform. Confirmed you were live with Jimmy K. your followers and my son have significantly scolded me.”

As revealed by the Twitter swap above, Dua Lipa does dislike people speculating about possible cosmetic surgery procedures in her area. The vocalist would instead focus on her songs and profession than talk about possible plastic surgery procedures. Until there arrives a time that she wants to discuss the news about any potential changes in her look, everyone will need to gossip by themselves (and hopefully not get a mean tweet from the performer).

Conclusion about Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery

Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery

All I can easily say is that there is certainly no proof connecting plastic surgery with Dua Lipa so far. Anything informs me that she’s all about embracing natural beauty. But this girl is in her 20s and a business full of temptation; therefore, I guess we’ll view.

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