Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Before and After

Denise Richards is an American celebrity, fashion model, and TV personality. After doing dozens of business and photograph records, she started appearing in low-budget movies to launch her Hollywood career. Also, after that, this California charm was currently a looker. Born to parents with German, French and Welsh ethnicity, Denise Richards has this charm about her, making men do a double-take.

She ultimately got her big-screen break as an attractive woman in the coming-of-age movie “Wild Things” in the ’90s. Then, she gets among the most coveted roles for women as a Bond Girl in the globally hit “The World is Not Enough.”
So, it’s not a surprise that people ask about Denise’s look.

Followers wonder if she has ever done plastic surgery to provide herself with an edge over other aspiring starlets. Nevertheless, Denise has denied all the rumours surrounding her supposed plastic surgery procedures on the report, except for one.

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

As part of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” team, I’m sure that her alleged plastic surgeries will be raised at some point. However, if you don’t want to wait, like me, then here’s what I discovered.

Denise Richards Boob Job (Boobs)

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery

Denise had flat boobs when she was beginning, as seen within this picture on the left. Her “soon after” pic, however, shows a female with fuller, more extensive and rounder boobs, which in turn can only be accomplished by having breast increase.
The starlet did affirm that she understood this treatment. She has been in advance about her boob job while she’s been mum about all the other speculated plastic surgery procedures.

Denise Richards Nose Job

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery

It’s pretty clear to me from these “before” and “after” photos that Denise didn’t obtain her nose fixed. She has the same unequal nose tip and extent in both pictures. Certain, her nasal bridge shows up slightly thinner now, but so has her appearance. I don’t observe the striking difference to suggest any form of a nose job.

Denise Richards Botox

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery

The former Bond Lady has rejected she obtains facial fillers. She has insisted that she has such distracting face looks that shouldn’t be feasible if she were having botox. However, these “before” and “after” pics contradict her rejection. Her chops and forehead look as well soft and wrinkle-free. In reality, her cheeks look puffy and show up to have been stretched as if her face muscle tissues froze, which is what botox usually does.

Denise Richards Facelift

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery

Although she rejects getting a facelift, there’s a noticeable contrast to Denise’s tightened skin in these sets. She actually looks a lot youthful in the “after picture,” and there are fewer lines on her chin and mouth area contrasted to the “before” shot. So, I think she likely had a facelift operation.

Denise Richards Lip Fillers

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery


Denise has always had thick lips, but her upper lip seems fuller than usual in these comparisons. If you look closely, there are pointers in which she may have obtained lip injections to plump up her top lip.
If it’s true, then I hope it’s just a once-off as I like the shape of her natural lips better.

Denise Richards Then and Currently

Allow’s see how Denise’s charm has transformed for many years. We might even pick up other ‘evidence’ from these photos.

Infant Denise

denise richards children


Denise had buck pearly whites as a baby; who knew?! Her nose seems flat and broad however then; she’s still a growing child. She does have a thick head of hair for a young child, although.

Teenager Times

denise richards children

As a teen, Denise bloomed into a beautiful young girl. Her beautiful tresses should be the envy of several girls her age. I’m sure she turned heads with her wavy brunette tresses.
Denise also had a beautiful smile at an age when most teens continued to have braces. She didn’t appear to have dental issues as she has an ideal set of teeth.

The year 1994

denise richards children

Denise appeared as a guest in the TV series “Lois & Clark,” and I could currently inform she has the making of a female fatal with those alluring eyes. The red lipstick suited her, too! She also had fuller boobs in this photo, proposing that she may have obtained her breast done after turning 18.

The year 1998

denise richards before and after


The starlet got her revolutionary role in the sexy movie “Wild Things.” She was packaged as a sexy star. If you’ve got this face and this body, then why not, correct? I’d like to believe that, other than her boobs, everything else about Denise, at this moment, are all-natural.

The year 2000

denise richards before and after

Denise was a sight on the red carpet at the ALMA Honors. Her tresses colour looks slightly light here, but it still matched her. She barely wore makeup to this particular event, but her beautiful face stood out. She also wore a tight-fitting brown dress that emphasized her shapely body and whole breasts.

The year 2006

denise richards before and after

By now, Denise’s marital relationship with Charlie Sheen had finished, and she came to be a single mom to 2 girls. I’m not sure what happened to her tresses within this photo; however, I wish she didn’t return to the hairdresser!
Her makeup, nevertheless, was the correct amount of blush and shade. Her face is also thus flawless. I’d say Denise is fortunate to become honoured with fair skin.

The year 2010

denise richards before and after

The starlet lost a lot of weight and looked slimmer than in the past. She might have been working out because her arms, legs, neck, and shoulders look muscular in this photo. Her appearance reminds me of a Barbie doll, and she’s gone back to being brown, which makes her appearance more youthful to me.

The year 2015

denise richards before and after

Denise declares she’s embracing natural growing old in her late ’40s. She does have a few creases about her eyes and her oral cavity. However, one thing about her nostrils and forehead looks abnormal, so I really believe she’s getting botox.

The year 2019

denise richards before and after

Denise signs up with the hue of the popular reality TELEVISION series “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” If I were to suppose, she had mouth, cheek and chin fillers to plump up her face, so she looks more youthful on television– and she performs! I like how her skin glows in this photo.

What did Denise state about plastic surgery?

Denise Richards admitted to a boob job in an interview with Daily Telegraph.
” I have just done my boobs and I am very open and truthful about that. I have had the same nose if people appear it up, and the lips. I don’t do Botox or fillers. And when people watch the program, my skin moves, a lot in which it is distracting actually.”.

She additionally told UsWeekly that she had her initial boob job at 19.

” A doctor put in bigger implants than what I asked for. I remained in such a hurry to get them in which I didn’t study my physician. I simply thought because they’re a plastic surgeon, they must be great. You need to be your advocate for your own physical body and ask 100 questions.”.

Conclusion about Denise Richards Plastic Surgery

Denise Richards is currently blessed with good looks, so, for my money, I don’t believe she needs a lot of enhancements. Nevertheless, she was right to say that if you’re going to obtain plastic surgery, just like her boob job, after that, you ought to ask many questions before dedicating yourself to it.

However, she levelled about her boob job; it stuns me which she hasn’t been upfront about her possible additional operations such as botox, facelift or lip for fillers injections. Those remain speculative despite signs that she likely got them or is continue to get them. Perhaps in time, she’ll fess up to it on her reality TV show?

Denise continues to one of Hollywood’s most popular babe whether she’s an all-natural beauty. Despite the fact that her grow older, she may still give other younger stars good competitors whenever it concerns hotness and appears.

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