Christina el Moussa Plastic Surgery

Сhristina el Moussa is a 34-years old celebrity who is famous due to the popular “Flip or Flop” on the HGTV channel, where she plays with her ex-husband Tarek EL Moussa. Despite the fact that they are not together now they are still working on the same project.

The celebrity Cristina Mossa get a salary which is 4 million dollars.

Christina and Tariq connected with Pitt du Best, and as a result, they purchased their first financial property for $ 115,000. After finishing their first project, they had a benefit which consists of $ 34,000. They broke up with their companion for boarding their property in Arizona and Nevada. Christina and her companion received $ 10,000 per series from Flip or Flop.


Spouses (Christina El Moussa and Tarek)

Plastic Surgery by Christina Mosse in 2017, before and after

During our days, plastic surgery is very popular among famous people. So, it is no wonder that the rumor about Christina’s cosmetic surgery has arisen in the media.

Boobs operation

Due to the programme «Flip or Flop» Christina has got a lot of fanats. From the time this programme became popular everyone talks about her nipples, breast and sexy lines of her body. Her followers recognized that her boobs changed. Some of them convinced that the reason is that she is a mother of several children. But some people are not sure about this fact, saying that her breasts are definitely bigger than before. It is standard for people in the entertainment business to rely on their sexual attractiveness. It helps in getting a promotion. Christina Mousa has always obtained an attractive figure, but breast implants make her beauty more perfect.


The body of the star

Botox injections


Many celebrities opt Botox for getting a youthful appearance and skin without wrinkles. This method is one of the most popular branches of plastic surgery. The 34-year-old television star had done exactly the similar thing. She is a 30 -years old celebrity and has no signs of vivisble wrinkles. Though we can notice some of them when she smile on some photos before the operation. But nowadays her face is as smooth and happy as in the 1920s.

Lip surgery

Here we need to admit that her appearance looks more attractive than before. She always has an adorable smile. A few, however, doubt remain about her lip, some people convinced that they have changed. But if this surgical procedure had a place, I would admit that it was done nice. This, of course, was also positive and fans are able to see a lot of changes as if they compare star’s images before and after.


Christian Mousa works during her first years

What do we know about her? She was born in Anaheim, California and spent her childhood in Anaheim Hills. She attended the school in Southern California. After finishing the study, Christina began her career in the real estate business. It was the time when she was introduced with her spouse Tarek. Christina and Tariq worked collaboratively and started to sell property in California. When the stock market was destroyed in 2008, their work income went into loss. Then, during a few years, the happy spouses went to live for $ 6,000 per month home to $ 700 per month apartments.

Her spouse Tarek asked a friend to test tape on HGTV. After making the full video, they sent it to HGTV and had been selected for the programme. In 2012, the happy spouses had a contract about the program with HGTV. In a conference with various magazines, Mousa said, “Every period shows things that can go in a wrong way and do go wrong.”

As a consequence, in 2013, their arrival was successful on TV. Flip or Flop had a total of 87 episodes between 2013 and 2017. Divorce, however, was the main reason for the cancel of the seventh season. The two former spouses confirmed that both appeared on the flip or flop program, which will be sent soon. But in any case, they were happy to get that job and to become popular.

Star’s spouse and their kids

Christina Mousa is alone at present. The couple applied for divorce and announced about it like about some “irreconcilable differences.” Christina Al Mousa was married to husband since 2009. Two children were born in this family. The older son, Taylor Reese El Moussa, was born on 22 and December 2010. His brother is younger on five years, and he was born in 2015, named Brayden James EL Mossa.


Celebrity with her kids

After the second child’s birth, Christina returned to work. Christina said she felt guilty about her mother’s duties. She said, “After five weeks, I went back to the job, which was very not easy for me.” She added that she spent her free time with kids, as much as she can but because of her busy schedule, it was hard to pay enough attention to children.

Tarek El Moussa, the former husband of Christina, became famous from the TV programme “Flip-Flop” which launched on HGTV from 2013 to 2017. He was born on August 21, 1981, in Long Beach, California, and spent his childhood in Buena Park. However, though he and his wife split up in 2017, they continue to collaborate on TV.

The health problem of former Christina’s Mousa spouse

Christina had a lot of problems and difficult situations in her life. One such situation has happened in 2013 when doctors revealed a horrible disease of her husband – cancer.

At first, they supposed it was thyroid cancer, but after some examinations, they began to claim that it was another cancer, Testicular. Once, one of her nurse, 31-years old Ryan Reed, saw a lump on man’s neck. It had happened when she was watching the programme. They informed HCTV that he needs a doctor. Then he has been examined, and doctors told that he had thyroid cancer. The disease has spread to the removal of lymph nodes, cancer cells, surgery, and gland. He then treated by radioactive influence with the aim to overcome cancer.

In 2015, Tarek introduced a nurse who helped him to overcome this horrible disease due to the show “The Doctors.”

Christina Mousa Pregnancy problems

When the first boy was born, the spouses started to desire to have another kid. Christina tried to get pregnant by in vitro fertilization while her ex-companion suffered radiation but failed the first attempt in the lab. Christina suffered from abortion eight weeks later for the second time a year after his early diagnosis. Christina and Tarek hired another specialist and tried to try the last time to conceive.

“I have to be very strict,” said Cristina. She said, “I had been in bed a whole week for 13 weeks after I could not walk, and I was not able to take anything hard. We decided to do it during the Christmas holidays, so I was at home at that time.

Christina Moosa body size

34, Christina has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches with a body weighing 58 kg. She kept her proportions perfectly. The size of her body is 35-24-35 inches.

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