Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Before and After

Is Christina Aguilera plastic surgery gossip, or is it true? This is a question that has been common in the airwaves, with supporters of the leading United States performer particularly searching for responses. Christina Aguilera is famous globally for her incredible vocal and devotion to her job.

Nevertheless, prominent as she is, she can be an additional star who is living with the advantages of celeb plastic surgery. Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgical procedure reports include boob job, lip fillers, a nose job, botox, and butt lift. Check the photos and judge for yourself!

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Many people believe in which Aguilera has had several procedures of plastic surgery since she started her job. They include rhinoplasty, liposuction, lip enhancement, and boob job. Just like it holds with many other celebrities, lots of people keep searching the internet to find the truth on Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery.

Christina Aguilera Boob Job

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

In the 1990s, when her job was starting, her breast dimension was a B cup size; however, they eventually transformed to a C cup size. Right after she brought to life her child, her boob dimension turned into a DD cup; however, afterward went down in dimension. Lots of people speculated in which she might have had implants eliminated. The timing, nevertheless, would suggest Christina’s boob reduction was due to weight reduction after delivering.

Let’s get a closer check out Christina Aguilera’s boobs to see if we can discover any tattle signs of plastic surgery. Within this before and after picture contrast, we can see in which, in 2000, Christina had tiny breast volume. Although the laced-up vest is tight, several cleavages show up, and what exists is relatively little.

In contrast, the after picture from 2011 shows a more significant than great bust line. It would help if you considered her considerable weight increase at this time. You can view that her appearance is much broader and puffier than before. It is also feasible which she is among the lucky ones who gain weight disproportionately in her breasts. The other probability, of course, is which there has been several help from breast enhancement.

Nose Job

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

Lots of people believe that Christina Aguilera also had rhinoplasty, likewise called a nose job. Years after she became famous, her nose details appear to be thinner at the bottom and broader at the tip. The rhinoplasty likewise develops her nostrils appear more even.

Get a better check out her rhinoplasty before and after pictures. Back in 1998, the budding celebrity had a rather spheric nose. Quick ahead to 2010, and as if by magic, the awkward bulges of her old nose profile have vanished.
Nose surgery is pretty typical amongst Hollywood stars, so it’s not a massive surprise that Christina Aguilera has signed up with the new nose party.

Lip Filler Injections

Rumors have it in which Christina may have had lip for fillers injections or what some people describe as lip augmentation. Her lips appear to be more total than they remained in her previous years. If indeed she had this done, it just made her lips seem more regular instead of artificial and complete like many other stars.

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery


Here is an additional comparison image, after that and now. The difference is less pronounced here because of the lip gloss form. In November 2017, at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, Christina Aguilera commemorated Whitney Houston. Her puffy lips triggered a great deal of commotion with the fans as many claimed that Christina Aguilera’s lip fillers were distracting from her show. They couldn’t resist staring at Christina’s lips.c

In this situation, we wish that Christina used fat injections for her lips instead of silicon. Fat eventually gets reabsorbed into the body, and her lips will undoubtedly return to normal in a few months. If she utilized silicon or lip implants, the results would be permanent, forcing her to return for a check-out visit to fix her lips.


In addition to her lip injections, Christina Aguilera botox gossips have likewise made their rounds. Christina’s appearance and forehead appear soft and crease-free. In the AMA photo where Christina is singing, you can see her mouth and eyes exposed with her eyebrows raised, yet her forehead is soft. This absence of articulation wrinkles is an indication of Botulinum Toxin, better known as botox.

Let’s have a look at a before and after instance. Back in 2010, Christina is 30 years old, and as would certainly be expected, her facial skin is smooth and free from wrinkles. Then in the after picture from 2018, some wrinkles are visible around her eyes and near her nose. Her forehead, nevertheless, is as smooth as plastic.

As part details, within this image, it likewise appears like Christina obtained a chin job. There is an outline of an achievable chin implant in the after picture.

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

Christina Aguilera botox injections paralyze and relax the muscles in her forehead, leading to a smoother skin layer. It likewise prevents contraction; therefore, the forehead remains soft. The impact settles in the first few days and final three to 4 months. It’s probably Christina Aguilera obtains her botox injections several times per year to keep the impact up.

Christina Aguilera Butt Lift

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

Talks also go in which she had lipo after delivering her kid. Due to weight increase after giving childbirth, liposuction may have come in handy for her to regain her form. Determining by her considerable shrinkage, however, the bulk of her fat reduction is likely because of viewing her diet plan and exercising. Liposuction would be kept to touch up any stubborn places of fat loss.

Conclusion about Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

It’s common for people to be frustrated with their plastic surgery outcomes. These experts may end up with something as gorgeous as Christina Aguilera’s nose job procedures in other situations. Even Christina is not infallible, however, as could be seen with her 2017 lip filler fiasco.

Christina has never openly affirmed any gossipy tidbits about having any celebrity or beauty plastic surgery, but the transformation is evident. Maybe her boobs grew due to her development in age and giving birth. She may have just enjoyed a super well-balanced diet regimen and body physical fitness plan after the birth of her kid.

Because she has never admitted, these are all suppositions as to regardless if she has had cosmetic surgery or not. We don’t know if Christina Aguilera will indeed ever confess to her plastic surgery expertise. Up until after that, nobody can really know that Christina Aguilera’s plastic surgery proceeded incorrectly.

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